Windows security

We help secure Active Directory/EntraID from start to finish – from identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, to detecting and responding to threats, to quickly restoring the environment to minimise the risk of an attack impacting business operations.

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Data Governance

With data governance projects, we enable more informed business decisions. We streamline the process of realising access to information. We increase productivity and save effort for the IT department.

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We were one of the first IT companies in Poland to start deploying Darktrace solutions – a global leader in artificial intelligence for cyber security – to customers.

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The SIEM solutions we are deploying allow clients to integrate security event monitoring functions with data analysis and incident management. They enable effective detection and response to cyber threats.

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We analyse security policies, verify user and group permissions, track changes to facilities and access to resources and monitor event logs. We assess access control configurations and identify and eliminate risks, such as deleted or inactive accounts.

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Privilege Secure

We meet administrators’ expectations in terms of seamless access to target resources and convenience. We use existing RDP and SSH clients for connections, and integrate other PAM solutions, Password Vaults and Microsoft LAPS.

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Appeal Technology

Appeal has existed since 2016. This time for us means: hundreds of demanding implementations, months of training, optimisation, audits. Years of maintenance work in the largest Polish and Foreign Companies and Organisations. It is satisfaction, but also experience that allows us to design systems and offer software and services of the highest quality. We cooperate with renowned and innovative manufacturers. We are contractors of Professional Services for Netwrix software clients. Our competence and portfolio are the answer to the most advanced requirements of our clients.


The most important thing for us is the customer, which is why we attach such great importance to after-sales service. We think of the IT department as a homogenous organism in which the work of each element is important for the quality of the whole. We believe that even a very well-functioning organisation can work even more efficiently.


We achieve the business objectives set for us – cost optimisation, fuller utilisation of resources, security and environmental performance. The solutions we implement quickly benefit users (TTV – Time to Value). Thanks to the short implementation time, they offer a quick return on investment and reduce expenses.

Qualified staff

Our team consists of experienced engineers, auditors and analysts who improve their skills both by working on specific projects and by attending training courses and conferences. We are constantly working with over a dozen experienced developers coding on multiple platforms.

High-end solutions

We work with leading technology providers. We market innovative solutions of our own and partner companies. The quality of the tools we offer is of paramount importance to us, which is why we test and check the applications we offer, conduct laboratories and continuously expand our competences.

Approach to organisational safety

We think of organisational security as an ongoing process that needs to be improved. Security plans should work according to the Deming cycle. Therefore, we help to define and add the characteristics of the business. Then assess the risks and implement emergency response options including business continuity plans.

This is where our approach to security comes from: we think of it as an ongoing process that needs to be improved. Security plans should work according to the Deming cycle. Therefore, we help identify and prioritise critical processes. We help manage risks and implement business-appropriate solutions.

Our partners

We collaborate with leading cybersecurity solution providers to offer advanced technologies to protect against cyber threats. We provide access to the latest innovations and expert support.

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